New Google Plus App!!

1:54 PM Juan Espinosa 0 Comments

The latest Google Plus App update for iPad is a huge jump from the one before. Google Plus has not been a great player in the Social Network field and the Apps have been on the same boat. First of all since Google Plus is not that big of a player in the Social Network field, Google at least had to make a great app since the majority of users using social networks are using it via the mobile devices. The App for iPad of Google Plus before this update was horrendous, it was to crowded, it was difficult to differentiate one post from another, it was confusing and hard to use. Not so good social network + really bad mobile app is not a good formula for success.

Before the latest update.
The latest update for this particular app was like going from the Earth to the Moon, even though it still needs more work. First of all the layout of the new feeds of Your Circles is way better, cleaner and more user friendly than ever. Now you actually can differentiate from one post to another. Even the profile looks much better than before.

Latest update!
Now I have found that the algorithm they are using to sort the posts in Your Circle is off. Sometimes it shows old post on top of the new ones. If you see the picture above you may notice older post are on top of newer posts. I should say that I'm very happy with this update in general, much more with the new layout but as happy as I am, this sorting algorithm need to be fix. It's annoying to be searching for a post and there are not in order.

There is always something better to do for next updates, hopefully they do as a good job as they did with this update.