Passcode Locked? No Problem!!!

2:51 PM Juan Espinosa 2 Comments

A couple of days ago my friend had a very peculiar problem with her iPhone. She changed her password but then she forgot to what she changed it to. She tried many times to gain access but failed, her iPhone gave her a ridiculous amount of time to wait until she could try it again. This my happen to you or to you friend, or maybe someone come to you with this problem. There is a simple fix for this, hopefully that person have their data backed up in iCloud or iTunes because we are going to restore the iPhone to factory settings.

First of all if you connect the iPhone with the passcode lock, iTunes will give you a message saying that you need to unlock your iPhone in order for iTunes to connect to it.

Wait but thats the problem so how do you get rid of this message. Well we need to restore the iPhone into Factory Settings but since we can't get access to iTunes, we need to put the iPhone into Recovery Mode.

Enter to Recovery mode:

1- Connect USB cable to the computer but not to the iPhone (not yet).
2- Launch iTunes
3- Turn off you iPhone by holding the Power and Home buttons till it turns off.
4- While you connect the iPhone to the USB cable hold down the Home button till iTunes show a message saying that it has found a iPhone in Recovery Mode.

When you get this message just restore your iPhone and you are good to go. You iPhone should restore to Factory Settings. If you have a backup, just use it to put all the data back to your device. This approach also works for iTouches and iPads.


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