SSH into your iDevice (Terminal)

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SSH gives you the ability to go into your iDevice from your computer and gain root access to it as well as the ability to modify files or add new files to your iDevices.
SSH is not available in non-Jailbroken iDevices (even though you can use a program call iExplorer for your non-Jailbroken devices but this does not guarantee root access). In order to do SSH you must have a Jailbroken iDevice with OpenSSH install via Cydia. If you need help jail breaking your iDevice please visit one of my other post; Jailbreak.

Since you have a Jailbroken iDevice, you must go to Cydia and install OpenSSH or go to nitoTV and install it from there if you have an Apple TV. Once this is done, you will need to be connected to a WiFi network and know the iP address that your device have.

How to find out the IP Address that your Device (your computer most be on the same Wifi as your iDevice).

WiFi iP Address on iPhone/iPod/iPad
1- Go to Settings

2- Press on Wi-Fi (Look for Your Wi-Fi network and Press on the blue arrow)

3- Write down the IP Address is showing under your Wi-Fi network. e.g

WiFi iP Address on Apple TV
1- In your Apple TV go to Settings and Click on General

2- Click on About and under IP Address write down the numbers e.g

Now that you have the iP Address of the device and you have your computer on the same WiFi network, you need to open the Terminal from you Mac. Once the Terminal is open please follow the steps below.

1- Type ssh root@ (keep in mind that the iP address is the one your have in your device)

When you press enter it would take a little bit to prompt you for the password which is "alpine" by default. Also it may ask you to accept some SSH encryption keys, please accept them usually by typing "y" (yes) and pressing enter, afterwards it should ask for the password. Remember that the password must be type without quotes.

After this you should be all set. There is one little thing though; the password is default which means you could be in security risk, hackers my get into your devices like they have done before. I recommend that you change your SSH password to a more secure/strong password. Below I will show you how to do it.

Change SSH password from ALPINE to something else.

1- Do the same procedure as above. After you have log in into your device then you should type passwd and it will prompt you to enter a new password and then to re enter it. After that you have finish doing this then you are done. It should look something like the images below.

Note: if you don't know how to play around with the files on your iDevices is recommend that you don't play around with them. This is very delicate and it may damage your device if you do something that you weren't suppose to do.

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