Export/Import Contacts (MAC --> Gmail)

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I have notice that a lot of people like to have their contacts in their Google account (Gmail) even though they have an iPhone or any other Apple product and they have their contacts there. I don't see the point of this unless your are getting rid of your iPhone and going to an Android device. Since I have notice this and people are having problems transferring their contacts in this post I will show you how to do this in a painless way. There are many ways to do this but I think the way I will be showing you guys is one of the most simples.

First of all you need to have all your contacts save in your Mac Address book as well as an account with Google in order to do the transfer. Well lest start, when you open your Address book in your Mac the first thing to do is to select all the contacts by pressing Command + A and then click on FILE,  you should see an EXPORT option that is going to give you EXPORT Vcard and CONTACTS ARCHIVE options. You should click on EXPORT Vcard so you can save all your contacts in a file on your computer, I recommend saving it into the Desktop since is easier to find it there later on.

Since you have saved all your contact in a Vcard file, now is a good time to go to your Google account (Gmail) and import all your contacts to it. As soon as you log in to Gmail, you should see the word Gmail with a little arrow in the left side of the windows. Click on it and the drop down menu should give you two new options. One of the options should be CONTACTS, click on it and it would take you to your contacts site. In this particular windows you should be seeing an option that says MORE, this option is in the top middle of the window. The MORE option also have a drop down menu with a couple of other options but the option that we need is IMPORT since we want to import all the contacts from our MAC to our Gmail (Google Account).

If you click on the IMPORT option then you should have a window pop up that says something like IMPORT CONTACTS, which give you the option to browse into your computer to get the Vcard file previously saved. Click on the CHOOSE FILE button and find the Vcard file to be imported. After you have done all this you should have all the contacts in your Gmail account.

Hope this has help a lot of you that want to this process. If you guys have more questions about this or other topics please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks