Windows 7 Vs. Profiling: Windows Enabler!!

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Windows 7 has put a little wall between copying profile and systems administrators. In Windows XP we were able to make a copy of any profile that we wanted to another without any complication (I don’t mention Windows Vista because it’s not worthy). In XP there was no programs need it to do a simple copy of a profile. In Windows 7, which I personally like even though I’m more of a Mac guy, this is kind of a hassle. First if you are really desperate and call Microsoft to ask for help they are going tell you a bunch of procedure to follow to do this simple task that even if you know what you are doing you may get lost. Instead of doing whatever Microsoft tells you to do, is better to download a pretty nice program call Windows Enabler that is in version 1.1.

What is Windows Enabler 1.1?
Enabler is a program that let you use the grayed out options that you get when you try to do the profile in Windows 7 (as shown in picture 1.2). You may take a look at the picture of Windows XP (picture 1.1) where before we had no problem with the button copy being grayed out. Now we must installed Windows Enabler 1.1 and run it to have the option of copying a profile into another in Windows 7.
Picture 1.1

This is Windows XP. The option is available to the user. This is h

ow is going to be as soon as you use Windows Enabler 1.1 in 
Windows 7.

Picture 1.2 
Buttons are grayed out. This is Windows 7 Profiling

Windows Enabler 1.1 works on more options than just the profile. It works in any grayed button or option, or any tick boxes or menus in any Windows version starting in Windows 95 and on till Windows 7. So if you have any tick boxes or menus that are put out of action and you need to use it, you may want to use Enabler.

How Windows Enabler 1.1 works?
First you need to download the program, you may go to the following website: Windows Enabler 1.1
(You don’t need to download it from here you can Google it and find out another website you may feel comfortable with.). Then you need to have in the same folder “WindowsEnabler.exe” and “EnablerDLL.dll”. After you put the two files together if it does not come in the same package then you must run “WindowsEnabler.exe” as Administrator (It may not work if run without the Run As Administrator option). To runs as Administrator just right click the file and then you would see a menu and an option Run as Administrator. So as soon as you run the program it will put an icon in the system tray, similar to the icon in the left side of picture 1.3 when is normal mode and when is On it would just have the On word on top of the icon just like the icon on the right side of picture 1.3.

Picture 1.3

Windows Enabler Icons.

To activate the On option you just have to click the icon and it would give you the On option and to turn it off you click again and the program would go to normal mode. Now when the On option is activate then you can click on the grayed option or menu that you may want to use and it would give you the ability to use it. I recommend turning the Windows Enabler off as soon as you finished using it because you may click another option that was grayed out that may cause damage to your computer.

P.S: Also notice that the Themes (meaning Background) does not work when you copy the profile. You may get a black screen instead of the awesome background that you have.