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Welcome Screen

Google+ is one of the most rapid growing Social Network of all times. Many have said that there are around 10 to 15 to 20 Millions of user already in Google+. This is nothing compare to the 750+ Millions users on Facebook but to do it on just a couple of weeks of release is amazing. Also when I said release I’m talking about Invite only release, not even a wide open release to everyone. The only thing Google+ was missing was an App for the iPhone lovers.

Finally the App for the most talk about Social Network of this year is on iTunes (Free). The Google+ App was released today July 19, 2011. After a lot of rumors about the App being cancelled, being delayed for a couple of more weeks, the App is finally here.

Every time that Google+ has been mention there is always something to say about Facebook. People talk about their differences, their similarities, their privacy's polities and everything you can thing of. So just like we compare the two Social Networks, we are also going to compare their apps.

Home Screen
Google+ app when you first start it, gives you some type of welcome screen where it describes a little about Circles, Stream and Huddle. As soon as you pass that welcome screen you are going to be send to the Sign In screen, where if you pay attention in the bottom of the page it still says: You need an invitation to use this services. Many people thought that as soon as the iPhone app was out, Google was going to open Google+ to everybody but this rumor also failed.

The Home Screen is very simple and clean. There is much less icons than Facebook but the design is very similar with the Notifications tab in the bottom of the screen. If you open the Notifications tab is basically the same a the Facebook app, you get all your notification in a list form and if you choose one it goes to that particular notification and you can go back to the list by pressing the notification button on the upper left corner of the screen.

One of the features Google+ change was the photos. Photos in Google+ App are way better than Facebook. They are better on the browser and now on the App. On the app when you click a picture, you get your picture and all the comments in the same page with a nice look very different from FB. In FB you need to click the pictures and if you want to see the comments then you have to click another icon to see the comments that are in another page. Much more convenient in G+ App. Tagging is much better too in Google+ App.

Circles is a plus in Google+. When you click on Circles in the app it give you two choices to see your Circles. The first one is very similar to FB which is a list form of all your friends. This approach is very annoying when you have a lot of friends even though there is a search bar to look faster. Talking about search bars, the search bar in FB is more handy than the G+ because you don't need to click anything to get the bar. In Google+ you need to click a button in order to get the search bar (this is a minus for me. I like things without to many clicks) The second option in Circler which I personally like is a display of your friends by their Circles, it gives you a nice look at all your Circles.

The App in general is pretty cool and people are giving more positives reviews than negatives. I would say that even though the app is great, Google fail to deliver an App for the iTouch and the most important gadget the iPad. This was disastrous for many iDevices users. Also many people that have the App in an iPhone are complaining because the app does not work properly in iOS 5 Beta 3 but I have not heard any complains for other iOS versions.

P.S: Thanks to Mr. Jay Baer for posting that in order to download Google+ on iTunes you must search for Google Huddle instead of Google+. I personally spend a couple of minutes trying to get the app but I just when to the link Mr. Chpwn posted in his twitter account: