A Tiny Story and Lion OS X

4:15 PM Juan Espinosa 0 Comments

Apple is known for making people be anxious for their new products, from leaks of their own company or from rumors capturing the whole media world. The good news is that Apple knows how to make customers happy even though there are a lot of people complaining about their products, but hey you cannot make every body happy (what would happen to Samsung, HP or Microsoft to mention a few if everybody is happy with Apple). Everybody is waiting for the new product to come so they can put their hand on them and check the new features as well as their advantages and disadvantages.  I’m one of those people that are always trying to be aware of a new product; I want to see what’s new and how the technology is evolving.

I have being anxiously waiting for Lion till it finally came out. I use to have a MacBook Pro 3.1 that could no take full advantage or full experience of the OS. I decided to sell my MacBook Pro and bought the new MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt just too take advantage of the whole Lion OS experience. I know you could do everything on my old MacBook Pro with the keyboard instead of the gestures or buy a Magic Track pad for that matter but it would not be the same. So far Lion has been great with all this new features such as Mission Control, Launchpad and opening the same page or windows that you where using before your last restart. Lion is the most advance Operating System today.

One thing I must say is that if you bought you computer on June 6 or after you may have a free upgrade of Lion OS. The only thing is that is going to take time for Apple to answer you back. I have been waiting for more than a week and still I have no received an answer yet. Thanks God I found other way around it and have Lion on my computer. The website for the upgrade program is the following:Apple Upgrade Program. Another thing that came to my attention is that if you bought your computer on June 6 or after and you have bought Lion OS from the Mac App Store then Apple would give you a refund for the same amount that you paid in a couple of days. I do recommend using the upgrade program even though it takes more time.

Lion has many new features that people are not liking and complaining about. One thing is that if you don’t like Lion and love Snow Leopard you can always go back. Also you can customize Lion so you could feel you are still using Snow Leopard. In my opinion I don’t see the point of that but if that makes you happy you have all the right to do it. That is one of the thing I love about Lion, many features with much more ways to customize it for your satisfaction.

People are making a wrong comparison on which OS will revolutionize computer. They are making the comparison between OS X Lion and the not yet release Windows 8 (if Microsoft is going to call it like that). This is an unfair comparison just because Lion is on the market already and the so call Windows 8 is not even close to be on the market. A lot can change on a year or two and this comparison are worth nothing. I really don’t see the point of making such claims about an OS that is not near release. Lion in the other hand is on the market and has been downloaded more than 1 million times and counting. Lion OS may not be the future of Operating system but is the present and the most powerful OS to this date.

P.S: Now lets see if Apple bring us the iPhone 5 or so call iPhone 4S with the new iOS5 that we are all waiting for.