iPhone 5: People Complains!!!!

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There is always rumors and people wanting the new iPhone of the year to have certain features and this and that. Millions of comparison with others devices, the iPhone is missing this and it should have that cause the competition have this and have that. It's tiring just reading this every single day but still the iPhone is always number 1 in the smartphone world. Apple delivers one great phone a year while others delivers hundreds of regulars phone a year. If they make one that is good is fine cause after 99 tries is fair enough to give something good to the customers. One phone out of 100 is a pretty bad ratio though. One out of One sound 100 times better.

One of the things people are saying that the iPhone 5 is lacking even though they resize the screen, is a bigger screen. In my opinion a bigger screen is not a plus for any smartphone. This dilemma about the screen size is ludicrous cause if you want a bigger screen, you should by a tablet or something similar. A smartphone with a huge screen is unattractive as well as not very handy to use. Hey you imagine a person using a kindle or nook as a phone, thats just not even funny.

NFC is another part that people were dying to have and I wonder why do they really wanted this in the new iPhone. NFC is not that widely use and almost nobody have the technology to use it, so why ask for this in the new iPhone, even the none Apple lovers were asking for this. I got to the conclusion that since the iPhone is so popular and they are dying to use NFC on other phones, it would make sense to ask for it to be put on the new iPhone. It make sense because if it comes from Apple, people would pay attention and the technology would become much more popular, then they would be able to use it with their phones. Apple don't need NFC, that technology is not being use widely. They were smart enough to put Passbook in order to handle a major part of what NFC does.

Those complains were before the iPhone 5 was even release. Now that the phone has been released there is the Maps, the body, no Youtube and the problems with WiFi. Complains to Apple products never ends even though people keep showing support and favoritism for their products.

The problem with the new Maps is that sometimes is not accurate, it may take you to a different place. People see this as the end of the world but they have to remember that when Google maps first started they also were not accurate. So stop complaining about this and wait for a new update from Apple, is not like you are going to have to change your phone because of this, update and everything should be fine, if you can't wait for an update download another Maps app from the App Store. To finish up this Maps topic, you also have to look a both version and see at least the improvement in other areas such as turn by turn as well as the graphics compare with Google Maps. The Youtube app was a surprise for a lot of people, but Google has made their own Youtube app which is in the App Store and it seems to be really good even though in my opinion a bit slow at times. No major problems here them :)

The body of the iPhone seems to be scratching more easily than what we expected. This is a down side to the iPhone 5. I have experienced this myself, I had to put a side protector because I notice a few tiny scratches. They should do the iPhone with material similar of the ones used in the Macbook Pros. I have no problems with my Macbook Pro, not scratches at all. Also in the web there are people complaining about slow WiFi speeds, me myself have no complain about this. But for those having the problem, this is going to be fixed with a new update. Hopefully the next update fix the Wifi problems and the Maps too. After that there are no major problems with the iPhone 5 or in that matter iOS 6, people just like to complain but thats just life.

P.S: I just want to say R.I.P Steve Jobs.

Update (10/09/12): One more thing, people are also complaining or for that matter comparing the iPhone 5 camera with that of the Galaxy S 3. People it doesn't matter how many mega pixel your camera have if the manufacture doesn't know how to work with it, it doesn't matter. Thats why even though the Camera of the Galaxy S 3 and the iPhone 5 have the same Mega Pixels, the iPhone looks much better cause Apple knows that the Mega Pixels by itself is worthless. This can be also apply for the screen resolution. The screen resolution of the Galaxy S 3 is 1280x720 and the iPhone 5 is 1136x640 but why is it that the screen of the iPhone 5 is better, because of the pixels per inch. The iPhone 5 pixels per inch is 326 and the Galaxy S 3 is 306. Once again people, resolution, mega pixels and all this are just marketing stuff, if you have a wonderful screen but don't know how to do an app for that particular resolution then whats the point of having a great screen? thats what happens with a lot of developers for Android in my opinion, they don't take advantages of their devices's screens, in the other hand iOS developers take full advantages of this.

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