BackUp Cydia's Tweaks: OpenBackup

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We all know how difficult is to be updating your iDevices after you have Jailbreak it. First of all you need to update it via iTunes, then you need to restore all your data, apps, music and all the good stuff. After all that you have to re-jailbreak your devices and install all the sources and packages from Cydia.

Updating your iDevice from iTunes is very straight forward, restoring your data and apps is easy thanks to iTunes or iCloud, depending which one you use. Re-Jailbreaking it's a 5 minutes process and not difficulties should you encounter. On the other hand, installing sources that are not by default in Cydia and packages is kind of a hassle. Apps from the iTunes store can be install without you having to re-spring your device every time but it's very different installing packages from Cydia. The majority of packages that people install from Cydia, needs a re-spring and this is kind of annoying if you need to install around 20 packages because it would mean that you would have to re-spring approximately 20 times.

I had found a couple of packages that would help me back up all my tweaks, themes and others install from Cydia but they didn't work properly and others are very expensive. Solving my problem was very easy and cheap, I use OpenBackup which is a free tweak that helps you backup all your packages installed from Cydia.

OpenBackup is a very simple tweak and this is why I like it. To backup your packages, you just need to open OpenBackup and press the button that says Backup. This would make a file that would be sync/backup with your iCloud or Computer if you use Backup to your computer. If you ever need to update your iDevice or restore it for any reason, then you can restore all your packages with the same little tweak. Open OpenBackup and press on restore, this will take a couple of minutes and then it would ask you to reboot your device. When the device has finished the reboot process it should have all your tweaks install. Very helpful right, instead of 20 re-springs, just one reboot for 20 packages.

This is a very helpful tweak, there are some other tweaks that works better and are more for power users such as PKGBackup and XBackup. PKGBackup has a couple of more options and settings than OpenBackup such as backing up to Dropbox and backing up your sources but it cost $8. XBackup cost $1.50 and has basically the same features as OpenBackup.

The only feature I would love to see in OpenBackup is Sources Backup. OpenBackup restores all your packages basically without you doing anything but it does not restore all the sources you may have added aside from the defaults one. In my opinion if you just need to backup your packages and hopefully they add backing up sources soon, then OpenBackup is the way to go. It's Free, it does the job and is simple.

Note: I recommend using this kind of tweaks only if you need to restore your device to the same iOS version you already have or if it's a minor update like from 6.1 to 6.1.2. If it's a bigger update like to iOS 7 for example, it's not advice to use this Backup/Restore tweaks because not all the tweaks would be compatible and it would be a total mess. For a big update of iOS is better if you install all your tweaks manually to see which ones are good to be use and which are not.