iPhone 5S Unboxing!!!

1:10 PM Juan Espinosa 0 Comments

I know this is kind of late but this is my unboxing of the newly released iPhone 5S (Space Gray).

As you can appreciate in the video, the outside of the new iPhone 5S is very identical to that of the iPhone 5 which was released a year ago. As expected the 5S was not going to have a new body as in others such as iPhone 3GS and 4S, they stay basically the same on the outside. The inside even though not shown in this video is where we can find the biggest changes.

We only have 2 changes to the outside of the new iPhone 5S, one is the home button since now the iPhone 5S has the Touch ID (Fingerprint Reader) and it doesn't have the small square in the center of the button anymore so it could read your fingerprint. The other change comes in the Flash on the back of the iDevice as you can see in the video above. The new flash is a bit bigger than that of the iPhone 5. Thats the only 2 differences aside from the color, now we have a Space Gray iPhone 5S as well as a White and a White with Gold.