Activator Causing Problems In iPhone With Lock Screen Bypass!!!!

1:07 PM Juan Espinosa 0 Comments

While I encounter a problem with the lock screen and bypassing it without password and being able to access all the apps and data of the phone by going to the emergency call and dialing any number while also pressing twice the sleep button.

I also found out that the problem is not the iOS 4.3.3, which is the one that I have, but the real problem is Activator that let you choose certain programs to be activated by pressing certain button or doing certain gestures.

I found that when you have assigned a program to be activated in Activator by pressing the sleep button twice and you pressed it in the emergency call screen while having dialed any random number, you are going to gain access to everything in your iPhone without any password including apps, notes, email, etc.

If you don’t have any program assigned to this particular button then this procedure does not work so that’s why my final thought is that Activator is the problem and NOT iOS as I thought at the beginning. This is a very serious security flaw for us the users.

If there is something wrong with my approach or something else please feel free to say something and correct me. Thanks and hopefully I don’t offend nobody in particular Ryan Petrich the creator of Activator. And this helps create a more secure Activator.

This is a link to a video where I show how this happens:

Update (3/4/13): This problem has been fixed long time ago by the developer of Activator, Mr. Petrich. Thanks