Following up with Activator and the Lock Screen Problem!!!!

2:55 PM Juan Espinosa 0 Comments

Recently I downloaded the Cydia Application called CameraLock, which is a pretty cool app to have even though is coming to iOS 5 this fall. But for those who may not upgrade their phones this is a great app to have.

A couple of days ago I found out that Activator have problems with the lock screen. (You may check my other post in my blog to see what I’m talking about). The point is that while using CameraLock I encounter the same problem with Activator as with the Emergency Call screen.

What I mean is that if you open CameraLock and you have any app assigned to be activated with Activator on the Sleep Button with the Double press and you do double press the sleep button while in CameraLock, you are going to gain access to the iPhone without password which is a security problem explain in my last post.

Activator is a awesome app which I use everyday but I recommend that if you have it, do not assigned any app to the sleep button with the double press option as a security measure for now till they update the app.

The following is a video showing the problem:

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Update (3/4/13): This problem was resolved by Mr. Petrich, the creator of Activator long time ago. Thanks