Google+ Vs. The Social Networks

9:30 PM Juan Espinosa 0 Comments

Google+ is one of the most talk about new social network in a long time. Since Facebook took out MySpace from the social network spotlight there has not been any other social network with more hype than Google+ (My respect to Twitter on this).
Google+ is basically a combination of Twitter and Facebook plus a couple of new innovations (I like to think that the Plus symbol in Google+ is basically this). Even though Google+ has its one flavor, it has to work harder on making things easier for users. Also hopefully Google+ have much more features than it already have.

One of the things that Google+ needs more work is shoowing the user if other users from their circles are connected. This is a very nice way to see with whom you may want to hangout or just chat a little bit. On Facebook this is a pretty good option offer to the user and Google+ needs to do something similar to this. I'm not saying that it needs to look like Facebook and I know you don't have this option on twitter and it works great but Google+ needs this option because the way it has been built and the many features it has that may take advantage of this particular feature.

The chat on the right side of the screen on Google+ should also add your friends from Google+ and not just the friends you have in your Gmail account. This is a great way to show which users are online even though they may be other ways to show people online that is not similar to the Facebook option.

The hangout feature is pretty cool for a social network like Google+ and Circles is on of my favorites because now you can post something and not everybody that you have in Google+ is going to see my post. Also I find that sharing a post with people that are not in Google+ is really awesome because if you wants to meet with friends but not all of them uses Google+ you can send a post to all your friends in Google+ and also to those that don’t have Google+.

One of my concern if is Google+ can pretty much start on the ride foot and then maintain it user from leaving to a more easier to use social network like Facebook or Twitter. I say easier because Google+ is in my opinion too broad for users that like simple things, I personally like Google+. Facebook is already biting Google+ back, they started creating a feature call Circle Hack ( that is the same idea as Google+ Circles even though Circle Hack is a 3rd Party App. Also there are some rumors that Facebook is bringing a feature similar to Hangouts with the help of Skype on of the most powerful Video Conference Programs on the market. Hopefully when Google+ is ready for everybody it will get people interested like today it got me interested.