Google Plus One Button

4:19 PM Juan Espinosa 0 Comments

The fairly new google plus button has been scrutinized by many. People have call it stupid, non- sense and useless. In the beginning I just thought of it as when I was a kid and I did something good and my professor gave me a plus one towards my grade as well as a happy face sticker. This sounds weird but the button made sense to me even though for most people this was just ridiculous. The definition in Google’s website says: “The +1 button is shorthand for ‘this is pretty cool’ or ‘you should check this out.’, this definition also make sense to me. People are very familiar with the Like Button from Facebook which is pretty straight forward but the Google button is also well define. If something is “pretty cool” as you may say then you should give it a plus one to that article so people could “check it out”. This analogy is well develop in my opinion and people should not compare the Like button to the Plus One button. The Like button is something to share an article or something to others friends in FB so they can check it if they are lucky enough to have time to see it in there News feeds. Google Plus One on the other hand is going to organize your articles  in a tab name +1 where your friends could check everything that you have plus in an organize fashion.

Since I’m a programmer in development and studying programming languages I found out a similar analogy as Google has while studying Objective C even though this happens in many programming languages not just Objective C.

In programming languages we have what we call Boolean variables, this particular variables just take values of 0 or 1’s (TRUE or FALSE). 0 means FALSE and obviously 1 means or translate to TRUE. So in programming if a statement is satisfied and you are using Boolean variables then is given the value of 1 and 0 otherwise. This analogy translate to Google Plus One button. if you are satisfied with the article you have read then you are going to give it a plus one. On the other hand if you are not satisfied you would leave the article with a zero, just in this case you don't do anything meaning you didn't like the article or didn't see anything important for your friends to check out.