Mac OS X Lion Upgrade Program!!

10:46 AM Juan Espinosa 0 Comments

Like I said in one of my older post, Apple has an Upgrade Program for Lion OS X.
This program consists in if you bought you computer on June 6, 2011 or after you may be eligible to get your Lion upgrade for free. Lions OS X cost $29 dollars if not eligible for the program. The program works as following; First you need to go to the upgrade program website which is: Upgrade Program. After you filled the form in which you have to put your name, when you bought your computer, where and if it was not bought in an Apple store you must take a picture of your receive and send it to them too. As soon as you send your information, they would send you an email in less then one hour stating that they received the form and they will review it.

The reviewing process may take from days to a couple of weeks. In my case it took 10 days to receive the approved email. After the 10 days I received an email saying that I was approved and it also had a pdf file password protected, then I received another email with the password needed to gain access to the pdf file. I put the password in the pdf and as expected it opened a pdf file that had a redeem code in it. This code was going to be use in the Mac App Store in the Redeem section which would let me download Lion for free. 


Note: The codes and names in all the pictures has been removed for security purposes.

If you want to burn your Mac OS X Lion on a DVD or USB Drive go to the following website: How to Burn Lion OS X to a DVD or USB Drive