AirPort Base Station

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Airport Base Station (2001)
Airport Base Station was first introduced on July of 1999 and was then discontinued by January of 2003 when the new Airport Extreme was introduced to the public. The Airport Base Station that I found and I'm going to be showing you is the one introduced on November of 2001. 

 This particular model was the firstAirport with the color white since the first Airport Base Station release by Apple was gray. Since the release of this one
every other Airport has been
 release white.
This Airport Base Station works with Windows and Mac OS. It came with an installation cd, a power cable and mounting bracket (wall). It's frequency band is 2.4 Ghz Spread Spectrum. It's Wireless Data Rate is approximately 11 Mbps and it has a radius of 160 foot from where the Base Station is located.  

It has RJ 11, two RJ45, and Power . Also a security slot.

The inside of the Base Station.

The Wall Mounter.

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