Disable Safari Guest Account - Lion/Mountain Lion OSX

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Lion Welcome Screen with Safari Guest Account

Lion and its new features have people almost jumping off a bridge. The good thing about it is that you can  undo all the features you do not want. In this post I'm going to be talking a little about the Safari Guest Account. This account is mainly use for internet purposes, meaning that if you login to the account you only will be able to use Safari as the name of the account states. This is a great idea but they are people like me that don't want to have any type of guest account and to fix this we just disable the account.

Since the last update for Lion 10.7.2, we have started to use iCloud in all of our iDevices. This feature is great and one of the most cool feature of iCloud is the Find My Mac. Find My Mac is great because it would give you the power to find you computer whenever you want and also will let you Lock it as well as send a message to it. This is great but as soon as you enable this option in your Mac, the Safari Guest Account will also be enable.

Security & Privacy setting where Safari Guest Account is Active.
See the second option from bottom to top is uncheck.

In order to have the Find My Mac feature working and the Safari Guest Account disable,  you must go to the Security and Privacy option on Preferences. While in there it should be an option that says Disable Restaring to Safari when screen is locked, this option should be check in order to disable the Safari Guest Account. Now you would have the best setting there is to have Find My Mac and Disable Safari Guest Account.

Now see again the second option from bottom to top.
The option is check and now the Safari Guest Account is Disable.

Note: Do not confuse the Safari Guest Account with the Guest Account that is under the User & Groups option in Preferences as shown in the image below.

Regular Guest Account is Disable but you may still see a Guest Account
in your Welcome screen because of the Safari Guest Account.

P.S: The video below also show you how to do this step by step.