Same Desktop image for all accounts in Windows 7!!!

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Background Image/Desktop Image
This is very useful for colleges, HighSchools and why no for yourself.The image must be a JPG (JPEG) or BMP (BITMAP).

1-Click on start button and type GROUP POLICY

2-It will show a list of result but click on EDIT GROUP POLICY

3-A window will pop up, under USER CONFIGURATION click on ADMINISTRATIVE TEMPLATES.

4-It will show you a couple of folders but double click on DESKTOP

5-When you clicked on DESKTOP it will show more folders and files. Double click on DESKTOP again.

6-Now Double click on DESKTOP WALLPAPER

7-In the following windows please click on ENABLE and where it says WALLPAPER NAME you must put the path of where the picture is located. Also WALLPAPER STYLE must be FILL.



When everything is done please log off from the administrator account and try to login with any other account or back to Administrator and you should see the picture you had selected as background in all accounts.

To check the path of the pictures just right click on the picture and then click on properties. After that in General it would show a section that says LOCATION. That location plus a slash and the name of the picture with the extention .JPG or .BMP is your path. Remember this is case sensitive.

        Picture name: home
        Location: C:\users\administrator\desktop
        Path: C:\users\administrator\desktop\home.jpg