Adding/Enabling an Add-On in XBMC! (AT Version)

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If you don't have XBMC in your iDevices then you must install it. You can go to my previous blog post; Install XBMC in iPhone/iPad/iPod/AT. Now that you have installed it, you can enable certain Add-Ons that comes pre-install with XBMC or you can add some others that are not pre-install in XBMC. We are going to start on how to install a new video Add-On and then will follow on how to enable it. Even though I'm just showing how to install a video Add-On this should work for any others such as Music and Program Add-Ons.

How to install an Add-On in Apple TV.

First of all you need to go to nitoTV  in your Apple TV and Install/Enable OpenSSH to be able to put the new Add-On into your iDevice. 

After you have install OpenSSH then you need to find out which IP Address does you Device have to be able to SSH (your computer most be on the same Wifi as your iDevice in order to SSH).

1- In your Apple TV go to Settings and Click on General

2- Click on About and under IP Address write down the numbers e.g


Now you must SSH into your iDevice in order to put the Add-On into it. Since you have the IP Address of your iDevice, now we can SSH from your computer into the iDevice. I use Cyberduck to do the SSH but you can google for any SSH clients or if you prefer you can also do it in the Terminal (I'm going to be doing a post on that very soon). First we need to open the Cyberduck and click on open connection, then the first option must be in SSH, in Server you need to put your iDevice IP Address, Port should be 22, Username is "root" and password as default is "alpine" then you will be able to SSH into your iDevice. When the connection goes in then you need to follow the steps below.

1- You should go to /Private/Var/Mobile

2- Then you should click on Media and drag the Add-On file into it.

  • Back in your Apple TV, you need to open XBMC and follow the steps below in order to install the Add-On previously SSH.

1- Go to System

2- Click on Add-Ons

3- Click on Install from zip file

4- Click on Home Folder and then Media folder.

5- In the Media folder look for the Add-On you had previously SSH and click on it for it to install.

You have just install a new Add-On into your iDevice, the only thing missing is enabling it to be able to use it.

  • How to enable an Add-On in Apple TV (This also is apply to those Add-Ons that comes pre-install in XBMC).

1- Open XBMC and Click on Videos

2- Click on Video Add-On and then on Get More

3- In the list that is shown look for the Add-On that you want and click on it and install it.

How to use your newly Add-On

1- Go back to Videos on XBMC

2- Click on Video Add-On and you should have a list of all the Add-Ons you have enabled.

Sorry for the bad pictures but hopefully this was as helpful as I think it is. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to Contact me.