Install XBMC on iPhone/iPad/iPod/AT

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This little post will show you how to install XBMC into your iDevices. XBMC Media Center also known as Xbox Media Center is a great tool for those that love music, movies and media in general to have it in your iDevices. The best feature of this media center is the ability of having Add-Ons. Add-Ons are very handy because you can add many different add-ons that you may like such as YouTube, Hulu and Pandora Radio just to name a few to your iDevices. Some of these Add-Ons come pre-installed with XBMC and you just need to enable them but some others you must install it yourself via SSH or adding sources that may be hosting them.

In order to have XBMC install in your iDevice you need to have it Jailbroken.You will need Cydia if your iDevice is an iPhone/iPad/iPod and nitoTV or aTV Flash if the iDevice is an Apple TV.

Take a look to one of my previous post that talk about Absinthe and/or Redsn0w, this would help you jailbreak iPhone3GS up to iPhone 4S, all iPads models and, iPod 3 Gen as well as iPod 4 Gen in 5.1.1. For Apple TV jailbreak you may go HERE where Seas0npass is the tool to be use for this. (There is no AT3 Jailbreak yet).

Lets start this process with the iPhone/iPad/iPod.

1- Open Cydia and add the Source; (If you need help on how to add a source in Cydia, please go to my previous post; Add sources in Cydia).

Adding the source.

2- Now install the two packages available in the new sources added. (XBMC-iconPack and XBMC-iOS)

Install the two packages shown above.

 3- After the reboot, you should have the icon shown in the image below in your Springboard.

XBMC icon on your Springboard.

Now lets start with the Apple Tv process;

1- Open nitoTV,  or Maintenance if you used aTV Flash.

nitoTV in the second row and Maintenance in the third.
2- In nitoTV after you open it, click on the Install Software option. In Maintenance click on the Manage Extra option.


3- After you have clicked on the options, you will have a list of tweaks from where to choose. In the list you should be able to find XBMC. Just click on it to install and you are done.

You should know have an icon very similar to the one in he pictures below. 

Now enjoy XBMC to the fullest.

Now enjoy your new Media Center and start playing with it. Also you can follow XBMC on twitter @XBMC or check their official website:
You may also follow nitoTV on twitter  @nitoTV.

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