Newsstand in a Folder (StifleStand)

7:24 PM Juan Espinosa 0 Comments

Newsstand for me is a useless app and since I don't use it, I would love to put it in a folder or away but this hasn't been possible till Mr. Fillipo Bigarella made the app call StifleStand. Fillipo Bigarella is a well known iOS developer from Italy, he has done tweaks such as Springtomize and Springtomize 2, if you haven't use it, go to Cydia and give it a try. Aside from Springtomize, Mr. Bigarella has done a couple of other tweaks, you can also check them in Cydia. Well talking about StifleStand, this app give us the power to hide Newsstand in a folder without your iDevice been jailbroken (It also works on Jailbroken iDevices) . This is a very simple tweak to use, first download the app from Mr. Bigarella website:

After you have downloaded the app (Windows or Mac) you should run it, if it is Windows is recommended to run it in Administrator mode. When the app opens up, connect your iDevice and you would be able to click the button that says: Hide Newsstand. This would take the Newsstand icon into a folder with the name Magic. This is basically the whole process, the only bad thing about this is that as soon as you put Newsstand in the folder, you won't be able to use it unless you take it out of the folder. I'm guessing this will not be working for now but soon Mr. Bigarella will find a way to fix this. Aside from that the app works perfectly and for me is wonderful since I don't use it at all, for those of you that use it sometimes don't worry, I'm very confident that Mr. Bigarella is going to have this fix as soon as he can.

You can follow Mr. Bigarella in twitter: Fillipobiga