Serial # of PC from within Windows (CMD)

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I'm a MAC guy and to get the serial number of my MAC is pretty easy; Click on the Apple on the top left corner, then click on About This Mac and finally click on More Info. Well this is pretty standard for any person that uses a MAC but what about a PC guy?, well this is not that standard in the PC environment. In order to get the Serial Number from your computer, you should Click on Start, Type CMD and then Click on CMD, after that you should type the following command; WMIC BIOS GET SERIALNUMBER. It seems simple and it is but people still needs to know the commands and all of that. Anyhow the point is that if you have a PC and are too lazy to go search down into your CPU or the serial number has vanished from the outside of your PC, then you can use this approach to get your Serial Number. Hope this has help. Below are pictures of both methods. Click on read more below to see the pictures.



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  1. Here's a download link for a serial generator for windows serials