Always show Landscapes Videos...

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I like to use my iPhone with Rotation Lock. I don't really like all the rotation screen stuff but I do like to watch videos in Landscape. So with Rotation Lock you are no able to watch your videos Landscape because you have it lock as Portrait. Hey there is a little tweak in Cydia call LandscapeVideos that allow you to have Rotation Lock but watch videos on Landscape automatically. This is just awesome in my opinion, small tweak but great idea.

It has 3 settings to work with. One is to enable the tweak (on/off toggle), the second one is to choose when do you want the videos to play in Landscape, you can choose from Always to only when Rotation Lock is on. The last option is Orientation, this is basically the way you want to see the video, meaning if you want to see the Landscape from the left, the right or just both ways. Hope you enjoy the video.