Yahoo! Weather is Better + WeatherIcon 6!!

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Lately the Weather apps are coming in bunch. I like to have one that tells me everything about the weather, meaning percentage of rain, snow and how sunny is it going to be. Almost all the Weather apps that I have downloaded do all this but the new Yahoo Weather app is just gorgeous. It's clean and smooth, it has many details that others don't show.

 The only bad think about the Yahoo Weather app for iPhone is the icon. The simplest thing to do in this whole app and its the most unattractive part. If you have a jailbroken iPhone you can solve this problem by downloading an awesome new tweak call Yahoo! Weather is Better. This tweak allows you open the Yahoo Weather app by taping on the Apple's Weather icon. Now you can hide that unatractive Yahoo icon and tap on the Apple's Weather app icon to access the Yahoo's app.

If you want to have a much better experience with your Weather app then you should add the following repo from DBA Technologies; If you need help adding this source please check my post on How to add sources in cydia. In this repo you would find a tweak that would allow the user to see the current temperature in your Weather icon. The name of this tweak is WeatherIcon 6. Remember that the Apple Weather Icon is a static icon meaning that it does not show the current temperature but with this tweak you would be able to see the current temperature without opening your app.

This is the best combination for your Weather app in a Jailbroken iPhone. Yahoo! Weather is Better and WeatherIcon 6 are on top of my list of best cydia tweaks. Go get it in Cydia, both are free.

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