Curiosa from Cydia.

10:24 AM Juan Espinosa 0 Comments

Curiosa is a small tweak that allows you to see notification of other tweaks, themes and/or any other package from Cydia if an update is available. This tweak come from developer Ryan Petrich which in my opinion is one of the best in the community, he is always involve in something new. Curiosa is very simple but it works very smooth.


Curiosa has a couple of settings that you can play with, first it has the Automatic Refresh of the Cydia packages list. The When option is like the name states, when do you want Curiosa to check for new pacakges. You can choose from Hourly, Every Two Hours, Every Six Hours, Daily, Manually or After Respring. I have set it to every Six Hours because I think Hourly and  every Two Hours is kind of too much but you can choose your own time.

It also gives the opportunity to choose if you want the Automatic Refreshes to be only on Wifi or using your Cellular Data. This option is kind of neat because eventually if you check every hour it would consume Data and if you don't have an unlimited plan like me, you have to be careful.

The other option that Curiosa provides is for the Manual Refresh, you can use an Activator Event so you could use to Refresh all the packages in Cydia and check for updates. By the way Activator also comes from Mr. Petrich (I'm telling you guys, he is awesome). Another way you could Refresh the list is by going into Curiosa and pressing the Refresh Now button located almost at the end of the page.

One final comment about Curiosa is that you can also provide a Keyword for it to look every time it Refreshes. For example if you haven't install Call Bar because you want a special feature on it, you could put CallBar as a Keyword so every time Curiosa Refreshes and there is an CallBar update, it would notify you, then you would check to see if your feature has been added. Very useful tweak....

Unlike Activator, Curiosa is not available in one of the majors repos. In order to download Curiosa you would need to add Mr. Petrich repo: into your Cydia's sources. If you don't know how to add sources, you can check: Add Sources in Cydia.