2 People and 1 Fingerprint: Touch ID

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Last week I saw a video of a guy thats was able to register 25 fingerprints with Touch ID even though Apple says that you just can register 5 different fingerprints. His approach was to take 5 fingers while registering "One" fingerprint, meaning that instead of using the same finger to set up Touch ID, he used all of his five fingers. So by doing this he was able to register 25 different fingerprints to use with Touch ID. You can see his concept  in the video below.

After seeing this my wife had an awesome idea. She said to me, what about if we can register both of our fingers as "ONE". Let me tell you that we tried it and it worked just find, you can take a look on the video below. This is a great solution because my wife doesn't always use my iPhone, and since there is a 48 hours limit for the fingerprint to stay valid if you don't use Touch ID then even though her fingerprint is not been used, it would be active since I'm using mines everyday.

This is just awesome, we both have our fingerprints register in my Touch ID and she don't have to worry about her fingerprints been disable or not valid.