How to created a Zeppelin Logo/Banner.

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First of all a Zeppelin is a Logo/Banner of some brand or blog that you put on your iDevice instead of your carrier name.  This has become very popular, many Zeppelins are submitted to Cydia everyday. In this post I'm going to show you the basic on how to make a Zeppelin.

You May see my blog's Zeppeling here.

First you would need to have a logo, name or something that you would convert into a Zeppelin. After you have decided on your logo/name, then you should put it in Photoshop or any other program similar to it.

You will need to create two PNG files from your logo with two different sizes. The first image which would be a 40px by 40px is for Retina display. This image can also be bigger, for example my Zeppelin banner in Cydia is 95px in width, but don't change the height. (My Zeppelin in Cydia is call Gordidonblog Banner)

The other image should be around 50% smaller than the previous one, at 20px by 20px if you use the first size. This is for Pre-Retina Displays. Again it could also be little bigger than that, my banner is 45px.

After you have saved this two images, then you should duplicate them 3 more times. You need to have 4 of the same image but with different names. It should look as follow for the Pre-Retina images;


and as follow for the Retina images;


So when you finished you should have 8 different images of your Zeppelin logo/name. You are now ready to submit your Zepplin to Cydia but before doing that, you need to compress the folder where your Zeppelin is located in order to be able to submit it. How to compress the folder? is very simple hold down the Option key on the keyboard and click on the folder, it should give you the option that says Compress "foldername". Click on that and you are good to go. It should have created a zip file call archive, thats the file you would submit to the repos.

You can submit your Zeppelin by going to the BigBoss website, Modmyi or iPhonemodding to mention a few. If your logo is not approved by any of this repos, please contact me and I will put it on my private repo. Also if you want to have it just in your phone you can use a program call iExplorer or iFile to put the folder of your Zeppelin into your iPhone. You would need to put the your Zeppelin folder into the following path: Library/Zeppelin.